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When you buy a puppy from The Puppy Store, you’re not just getting a puppy. You’re getting health guarantees, training, resources, and a lifetime of support. Here are the top ten things our thousands of happy puppy owners love about Puppies Today.

  • A Community of Puppy Experts
  • Strict Breeder and Safety Standards
  • The Puppies Today Transportation Specialists
  • Tail-Waggin On-Site Care!
  • Our 24/7 Health Hotline
  • American Kennel Club and Partners Registration
  • Our 24/7 Training Hotline and Training Membership
  • Best in the Industry Health Guarantees
  • Real People Who Really Love Dogs
  • A Lifetime of Support

A Community of Puppy Experts

When you adopt from Puppies Today, you are a part of our family! We support our owners with helpful emails, curated informational articles, promotions from our partner companies (which means exclusive savings for you!), lifetime access to our health and training hotlines, and the best guarantees in the business

We know that you might be considering buying a puppy from a dog shelter. We love the mission of shelters and support local shelters through monetary donations and dog food donations. We also believe that dogs that end up in shelters were dogs that were not the right fit for a family. Our goal is to set our puppies up for a lifetime of success and stability, and we start by making sure that you and your puppy are the perfect match. 

We are a minority-owned business that started small and found lots of love from grateful pet owners. We know that the world of breeding and adoption can seem daunting, so we have pawfessionals who will be there every step of the way. Your new puppy comes with a community of dog lovers that love dogs and loves the breed.

Strict Breeder and Safety Standards

We love dogs, and our strict screening process ensures that they have been treated with love and care from the start. We offer competitive guarantees for our puppies because we only work with the best of the best when it comes to breeders. All of our breeders are licensed USDA breeders or hobby breeders. That means that the dogs and puppies are living in healthy environments- sanitary, well-maintained, and spacious living conditions. This strict screening extends to exercise and socialization as well— we believe that a lifetime of success begins with a happy, healthy start. 

This care and attention started even before your puppy was born! The parents of your puppy were chosen for their genetic health, which means that your puppy has the best chance there is of being healthy. They also have had socialization from the start— this means that they are used to adults and other dogs, and will carry their strong social skills into adulthood. Regular vet checkups, healthy food, and lots of time to rest and play are part of the Puppy Store Promise.

Buying from a breeder gives you lots of advantages— but we don’t recommend buying directly from a private breeder. We have heard horror stories from our puppy owners about finding someone on Craigslist or having to meet a stranger at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. We offer a safe venue that cannot be guaranteed when buying a puppy from a private breeder. Puppies Today operates under strict local, state, and federal laws that ensure that the process is safe, ethical, and legal. 

The Puppies Today Transportation Specialists

Puppies Today makes the process of getting your puppy home easy and stress-free. After you purchase your puppy, we grab their pawsport, health certificate and welcome kit and get them on a flight to their new home. Your puppy will be shipped to you within ten days in an airline-approved kennel. And don’t go thinking that your puppy has to travel alone! Your pup will be handled by a Puppies Today Puppy Transportation Specialist who will feed and take care of your puppy until the puppy gets into your arms. We make the process easy so that you can focus on getting your home ready for your newest family member. When you buy a dog with Puppies Today, we provide all the resources you need to get ready for the fun part- loving your pup!

Tail-Waggin On-Site Care!

We LOVE our puppies. While other sites “broker” puppies, we have brick-and-mortar stores where our puppies can experience a little slice of paradise before being adopted out to loving homes. While other sites have little visibility around the care and well-being of their puppies, we have real stores and live cams where you can see the living conditions- and wiggling tails- of our puppies! We vet check and health certify every puppy that comes through our doors to make sure they are happy, healthy, and ready for adoption. 

When you adopt a puppy from Puppies Today, we take care of all the primary health necessities so you don’t have to. That means that your new pup comes with a certified health certificate, vaccinated, dewormed, and ready to play (and sleep, sleep, sleep!). Our high standards when it comes to the health of your dog mean that your puppy has experienced only the best. It’s because of these high standards that we can offer such competitive guarantees.

Our 24/7 Health Hotline

You read that right. 24/7. Free. Oh, and did we mention lifetime access? We love being here for all the questions that new puppy owners have. We also know that Google can lead you down terrifying rabbit holes (don’t worry, a shaking puppy can be from excitement, not just illness!). At Puppies Today, we are here for questions big and small, from chihuahua to great dane. Our health hotline is manned by a licensed vet or health professional, ready to answer any questions you have. And lifetime access means that we can help you with questions from puppyhood to the golden years. No renewal fees, no update fees, no fuss- just a lifetime of health help

American Kennel Club and Partners Registration

Your American Kennel Club (AKC) and AKC Partners registration not only gives you access to lifetime support; through your registration, you get to be a steward for animal well-being! The American Kennel Club and its affiliates have donated over $38 million to canine health research and $7 million to pet disaster relief. After purchasing from Puppies Today, you will receive your official AKC certificate. This certificate will contain detailed information about your dog. You’ll also gain access to resources and services for every stage of your dog’s life. Your registration allows you to become part of the nationwide AKC voice championing canine health research, search-and-rescue teams, acceptable care and conditions for dog kennels, and responsible dog ownership.

Our 24/7 Training Hotline and Training Membership

We know that a well-trained puppy is a puppy that you keep, and our goal is to get our puppies into lifelong, loving homes by providing ample resources and support to help you in the training process. We make training easy and fun! Your Puppies Today purchase includes a lifetime membership- yep, another lifetime perk- to the Petkey Sit and Stay Program. If you thought our hotline for health concerns sounded great, we have news for you— you also get access to a 24/7 training line. You can reach a licensed trainer that is ready to answer any questions you have about housebreaking, training, or behavior. This resource will be with you from the perks of puppyhood to the golden days of adulthood. We are here to help at every stage of the relationship– we love our dogs, and we want you to love life with them, too! 

Best in the Industry Health Guarantees

We are so committed to working with ethical breeders and raising healthy puppies that we are able to offer the best guarantees in the business. Our Puppies Today pups come with a 15-day viral, 1-year medical, and 12-year furever guarantee! That means that you don’t have to worry about any of the normal puppy colds that puppies can get during their transition from store to home, any medical bills related to genetic health issues in the first year, and guarantee that your puppy will live a long life free of a genetic ailment related passing. We set you and your new fur baby up for a lifetime of tail-wagging happiness because we love our dogs!

Real People Who Really Love Dogs

We know that our Happy Puppy Package, health guarantees, and network of support can sound too good to be true! We are a family-owned business with four locations in California and one in Utah. Our call center is located in St. George, Utah where we handle all of our customer phone calls, emails, marketing, and customer service concerns. We also act as stewards of wellbeing for humans and puppies alike. Our Puppies Today stores give back to the communities they are located in through the support of charitable organizations, donations to shelters, and membership on community leadership boards. We are real people, who really love our puppies! 

A Lifetime of Support

When we say that you are a part of the Puppies Today family, we meant it! Being a part of this community doesn’t stop with puppyhood. Your access to the health hotline, training hotline, DOGStar Sit and Stay membership, microchip PetFinder system, and AKC and AKC partners membership are with you, without renewal or update fees, for a lifetime. We also have a constantly curating library of articles to help you with every stage of dog ownership— if you don’t see a topic covered by us, just ask us! 

We are so excited to be with you on your puppy journey! We know that there are a lot of options when it comes to adopting a dog, and we are grateful for the safe and ethical processes that we have to bring a sweet little ball of fur to your home! Take a look at the current puppies available for adoption, and sign up for our newsletter for exclusive promos, deals, and access to seeing our incoming puppies first!

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