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At Puppies Today, we connect potential puppy owners with a happy, healthy puppy raised with love. We have strict breeder standards that our breeders adhere to. We work with breeders that strive to give their animals high quality of life and care.

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We know that choosing where your puppies end up is a big choice. As a breeder, you want to make sure that your hard work and care for the puppies you raised translates into a long, happy life for the dog and owner. At Puppies Today, we work to continue that care and attention with our health guarantees, resources, and community.

Years of Experience

Puppies Today, established in 2008, has worked with reputable breeders to connect loving families with new furry friends and has happy customers all over the nation. Puppies Today has blossomed from its humble start as a minority-owned, home-based small business into a thriving establishment with 7 locations and over 70 employees. Our payment plans and puppy health guarantees are the best in the business and continue what you started as a responsible breeder. We strive to ensure the best experience when adopting with us, and that peace of mind goes beyond the first few days of adoption- when you work with Puppies Today, whether adopting or breeding, we are with you for a lifetime!

Community Support

At Puppies today, we work to make sure that our puppies will be set up with success for the right family by providing extensive educational programs, health guarantees, resources for training, and community support. Just like you, we love dogs! David Salinas, the owner of Puppies Today, has a heart for animals- regardless of where they were bought from. While some pet shops view local dog and animal shelters as competition, Puppies Today works to maintain a relationship of generosity and stewardship. To foster the spirit of animal care and wellness, we donate dog food to support dogs that are in the public shelter system, and waste bags to the City of Vineyard dog waste stations to support dog owners in having sanitary, beautiful spaces to enjoy together. We also give generously to the Henderson Park and Recreation Department to help the cities preserve recreation spaces for animals and residents alike.

In addition to donating tangible items, David Salinas and Puppies Today helps shelters and alliances get the funds we need through charitable donations. To date, Puppies Today has donated thousands of dollars to animal shelters such as the Saint George Animal Shelter and The Washington Animal Shelter. Not only that, we actively work to fund and support organizations that strengthen the human-animal bond and safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners such as the National Animal Interest Alliance, the Kennel Club, and the Calvary Group. Our stewardship of animal rights extends to support farmers, ranchers, and animal owners through our membership and donations to the Utah Cattlemen’s Association, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, and Protect the Harvest. We understand the unique challenges that breeders face, and we work to help responsible breeders everywhere be able to continue doing what they love.

Lifelong Relationship

We have worked with ethical, licensed breeders for years to connect thousands of happy customers to our dream puppies. We support the dogs well beyond the stores by providing the best health guarantees in the industry. We work with owners to pay unexpected medical bills, and we do everything we can to support the dog-owner relationship with a 12 year “Furever” guarantee. These promises are for the adopters, but we also want you to rest assured as a breeder that your puppies are being cared for and adored through all stages of life.

Licensing Requirements

We require all of our breeders to have licensure with the USDA and to follow all federal, state, and local guidelines. We will not work with breeders that have NCI (non-compliance items) that affect the health or wellbeing of any animal. 

Living Space

We require our breeders to provide, at a minimum:

  • Daily protected access to fresh air
  • Living spaces that are at least 3x the size required by the Animal Welfare Act
  • Flooring that is appropriate for the dog’s size and breed, as well as continual access to solid flooring. 
  • Temperature control that aligns with veterinary standards, both indoor and outdoor
  • Outdoor spaces with access to appropriate shade and protection from the elements
  • Appropriate nursery areas for puppies to be born and raised until weaned 

Veterinarian Care:

Our breeders must : 

  • Work with licensed, certified veterinarians that provide written Programs of Veterinary Care (PVC’s) that cover all in-kennel procedures, preventatives, vaccinations, and de-wormings
  • Provide dogs at least one annual physical examination by a licensed veterinarian
  • Ensure that all euthanasia or surgical procedures are performed under the direction of their licensed veterinarian as prescribed by the PVC
  • To follow the best practices of the American Veterinary Medical Association as well as their licensed attending veterinarian when it comes to the breeding frequency and retirement age of Sires and Dams. 
  • Provide every puppy a thorough examination through their licensed attending veterinarian before their travel to Puppies Today

Enrichment, Socialization, and Emotional Wellbeing

Our breeders pledge to: 

  • Provide every adult dog access to space sufficient to reach full running stride
  • Provide every dog enrichment and variety in the form of mental stimulation, play, treats, and environmental diversity
  • To have an established retirement program for all Sires and Dams
  • To house all dogs with compatible kennel mates
  • To provide daily socialization with their human caretakers 

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