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Living in an apartment does not exclude you from dog ownership. Just because you don’t have a spacious home with a large backyard, that does not mean that you can’t find a dog that will be happy to share your apartment with you.

While living in an apartment does not exclude you from dog ownership, you do need to make an effort to find a dog that will be satisfied with less space and with no yard to play in. Fortunately, there are several dog breeds that are known for living well in apartments.

While this is hardly an exhaustive list, the following are ten of the best dog breeds for living in an apartment.

Bichon Frise

Smart and friendly, the Bichon Frise is particularly well-suited to apartment living. At just shy of a foot tall and weighing about 15 pounds, they do well in tight living quarters. Having a good disposition, they will also do well if they encounter people or other dogs as you take them in and out of your apartment. All you need to do is take them for daily walks and offer some light play around the apartment, and they will do fine living in a smaller home.

Australian Terrier

Being just under a foot tall and weighing less than 20 pounds, the Australian Terrier can adapt well to living in an apartment. They are known for being smart and they take well to training. Like most terriers, they are energetic, so this is a dog for those who are a little more active. These dogs need to get out regularly and they love to play, but as long as you meet their needs, they will be ready to curl up next to you when you get home.


Known as a racer, most people wouldn’t think apartment life would be a good fit for a greyhound. The reality is that these dogs love to lounge around and spend time with their human companions. You will need to take them out for regular exercise, but they can be perfectly happy living in an apartment.

Boston Terrier

Compact and sporty, a Boston Terrier can be a lot of fun to have around your apartment. They love to spend time with their owners, and they are known for being well-mannered and friendly. Regular walks should be enough to keep a Boston Terrier happy, but they also enjoy playing with their owners. Toss the dog a ball or some other toy, and it will be more than willing to get active and have some fun.


As a small-bodied dog that is known for being adaptable, a Havanese can be the perfect dog for a city apartment. They are smart dogs that love to be the center of attention, and they are generally eager to please their owners. A Havanese will need moderate exercise on a daily basis, but since they can tire quickly, you need to be careful to not overdo it.

Basset Hound

While they are known for their endurance, the Basset Hound is a breed that loves to lounge around the house. They are typically a little over a foot tall and about 40-60 pounds, so they can fit in well at most apartments. Basset Hounds have a reputation for being a little stubborn, but they are also friendly and loyal. For the most part, a brisk daily walk should be enough to meet their needs and manage their weight.

Shih Tzu

Bred to be indoor pets, it is no surprise that a Shih Tzu can make a great apartment dog. They are very affectionate and they enjoy nothing more than spending time with their favorite humans. While they do like to play, they don’t need much more than a daily walk to get all of the exercise they need. However, they can be a little high-maintenance when it comes to grooming, so you should be prepared for daily brushing if you plan to get a Shih Tzu.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These tiny dogs can live well in apartments and they tend to adapt to the lifestyle of their owner. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a friendly disposition and they are eager to please their owners. While they do enjoy time out walking and playing, they can also be happy lying around in an apartment.

German Spitz

The German Spitz is intelligent and loyal. At a little over a foot in height and about 25 pounds, it is a smaller dog that can do well with moderate exercise. While this breed can be happy in an apartment, they can be wary of strangers and may have a tendency to bark at anything that is new or unusual. This can make them good guard dogs, but you might need to train the dog to control this instinct so it does not irritate your neighbors.

Bull Dog

This medium-sized, well-muscled breed can be the perfect companion for those who live in an apartment. They are known for their loyalty and they are very affectionate. Bulldogs also tend to have a laidback, easygoing attitude, so they do well in smaller dwellings. As long as you take your bulldog for regular walks, you should have no problem with excess energy being taken out on your apartment.

Any one of these breeds can adapt well to life in an apartment. With that being said, there is more to it than just the breed. Along with selecting a breed that does well in apartments, you also need to pick a dog that will suit your lifestyle and train the dog to behave properly in situations that are common for the setting.

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