Type: Purebred
Grooming: Low Maintenance
Height: 16-17 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 20-24 lbs
Lifespan: 12-14 years
One Word: Athletic
Low Maintenance/5

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About Basenjis

Basenjis are highly intelligent but they are also strong-willed. Being a sighthound, they love to chase and these dogs are very athletic. They are quick and nimble on their feet and they are good jumpers. They are also known for the fact that they do not bark. They might vocalize, but instead of barking, they will let out yodel-like sounds or short yips. Basenjis are identifiable by their smooth short coat that they clean meticulously. They do not create a dog-like smell and they clean themselves well, so they are very low maintenance. Basenjis also have a curled-tail, almond eyes and a wrinkled forehead. Most Basenjis have white feet and they can be a mix of colors ranging from black, brown, brindle and red.
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Origin of the Basenji

Originating in Africa, the Basenji has spent centuries living and working with humans. These dogs were bred to be hunters, and depictions of Basenji ancestors can be seen in ancient artifacts from Egypt and Mesopotamia. Early attempts to bring these dogs to Europe were unsuccessful. However, Basenji breeding pairs were successfully brought to the US and Europe in the 1930s.

Is a Basenji right for me?

If a Basenji is your choice, you will get a dog that is affectionate but also demanding. They are impressive athletes and they need a lot of active time. As long as you keep your house neat and provide plenty of time for walks and play, a Basenji can be a great family pet.

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