Biewer Terrier

Type: Purebred
Grooming: High Maintenance
Height: 7-11 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 4-8 lbs
Lifespan: 12-16 years
One Word: Charming
High Maintenance/5

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About Biewer Terriers

Biewer Terriers are known for their long silky hair and piebald coat. These dogs usually have white coloring around the body and on the stomach, chest and leg areas. They then may have areas of black and tan coloring on different areas of the body and covering the face. The Biewer Terrier is a squarely-built dog with a frame that is slightly longer than it is tall. They are surprisingly quick and nimble and they have tons of energy for play. They are affectionate and friendly with family members, but they can be suspicious of strangers. These dogs are smart and easy to train, but they can have behavior problems if training is inconsistent.
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Origin of the Biewer Terrier

The first Biewer Terrier puppy was born in Germany in 1984. This was achieved when breeders Gertrud and Werner Biewer bred two Yorkshire Terriers with the recessive piebald gene. The dogs were at first considered a sub-group within the Yorkshire Terrier breed, but they have since gained the status of being a distinct breed with its own standards.

Is a Biewer Terrier right for me?

If the Biewer Terrier is your choice of breed, you will get a playful dog with a friendly personality. They are generally easygoing, but they can get yappy if their needs for attention and activity are not met.

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