Type: Designer
Grooming: Low Maintenance
Height: 6-10 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 5-12 lbs
Lifespan: 12-16 years
One Word: Companion
Low Maintenance/5

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About Chiweenies

Since it is such a new breed, there are relatively few breed standards regarding size, but considering the parentage of the breed, it is expected that they generally measure less than 12 inches at the shoulder, and between 5 and 12 pounds.

The Chiweenie is a breed that is considered “spunky” and “yappy”, since they have an extremely high energy level, as is common with smaller dogs. They do have a tendency to bark a lot, and will definitely alert you to visitors to your home. As smaller dogs, they do tend to bond with one particular person, so they will do well in a one or possibly two-person household, with no children or other pets, unless obtained at an early age, socialized, and trained accordingly.

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Origin of the Chiweenie

The Chiweenie was intentionally bred in the late 1990s by crossing purebred Chihuahuas with Dachsunds, with the objective of minimizing or breeding out the back problems that affect Dachshunds with their traditionally long bodies.

Is a Chiweenie right for me?

Your choice:

If you choose a Chiweenie for your next companion, you can expect a loyal little firecracker who is easy to groom and maintain, is always ready to play.

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