Coton Maltese

Type: Designer
Grooming: Medium Maintenance
Height: 8-10 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 7-13 lbs
Lifespan: 14-17 years
One Word: Playful
Medium Maintenance/5

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About Coton Malteses

The Cotonese is a small cottony little clown. They are intelligent, playful, and charming. As with most intelligent but diminutive dogs, they must be adequately engaged and interacted with in order to prevent mischievous behavior and stranger anxiety. With the proper training and socialization, they will be amicable to non-family humans and will reduce the barking that can be indicative of early-stage “little dog syndrome”.

The long and wispy coat of the Cotoneses is prone to matting with inattention, so it will need grooming daily. The brushing required to shine the coat will be an absolute delight for the Cotonese, they will love the attention. Be sure to brush the teeth daily as well, as small teeth are more prone to decay.

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Origin of the Coton Maltese

The Cotonese was bred as a combination of companion and watchdog. They are intelligent and take to training well, making them suitable for many purposes.

Is a Coton Maltese right for me?

If the Cotonese is your breed of choice, you will have an intelligent, silly, and energetic companion that will train easily and be at your side constantly. They are loyal and loving dogs that will alert you and your family to any stranger or danger that they sense.

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