Doberman Pinscher

Type: Purebred
Grooming: Low Maintenance
Height: 24 – 28 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 60 – 100 lbs
Lifespan: 10 – 12 years
One Word: Vigilant
Low Maintenance/5

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About Doberman Pinschers

Doberman Pinschers are most recognizable by their short coat and their variety of colors being black, red, blue and fawn. They’re intelligent, alert, and loyal making them great guard dogs. While their personalities often differ between dogs, they known for being loving and loyal companions. They can be easy to train and learn quickly through positive reinforcement. The Doberman loves to be close to their family and when raised with children they will become a wonderful companion for them. They’re a highly energetic breed and often enjoy going on walks and even hikes with their family.
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Origin of the Doberman Pinscher

Originally the Doberman Pinscher was bred to be imposing, but dependable. They were employed as a guard dog to assist keeping tax collectors along their route. Today they’re employed in numerous roles due to their intelligence and high dependability. Often they’re seen alongside police and military K-9 units, therapy and service dogs, even assisting with search and rescue. During World War II, Dobermans fought alongside the U.S. Marine Corps.

Is a Doberman Pinscher right for me?

If the Doberman is the breed for you, then you will have an intelligent and fiercely loyal companion who loves to be close to their family.

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