English Shepherd

Type: Purebred
Grooming: Medium Maintenance
Height: 18-23 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 45-50 lbs
Lifespan: 13-15 years
One Word: Fearless
Medium Maintenance/5

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About English Shepherds

This breed is agile, active, intelligent, and energetic. They are also known for being quite fearless, and will act without hesitation when commanded to by their owner’s vice or whistle. As a stock dog, working sheep and cattle, they excel at herding and being handy around the farm. The English Shepherd is also a great family dog, being quite gentle with children, and a great companion for the elderly. They prefer to live in homes with larger yards or on farms where they can exercise their skills. These dogs are not well suited to apartment life. This breed has traits of its various collie ancestors, in addition to a long, strait or wavy double coat, with long feathering on the legs and tail. They come in four typical color combinations such as black and white, black and tan, sable and white, or tricolor. They can also come in shades of fawn and red and white.
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Origin of the English Shepherd

The English shepherd can trace its origins back to the Roman occupation of Brittan around 55BC. These dogs were used to herd livestock on the British Isles over the centuries until it was brought to America and refined by British immigrant farmers to what it is today.

Is a English Shepherd right for me?

If your breed of choice is the English Shepherd, you will have a reliable, fearless, loyal farm dog that will enjoy working with you on the farm or herding the kids around the yard during play time.

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