Type: Designer
Grooming: Medium Maintenance
Height: 9-14 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 9-16 lbs
Lifespan: 7-10 years
One Word: Alert

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Breed: Hava-Chon

Color: Cream

Weight: 4 lbs

Age: 11 weeks 2 days

Status: Available

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About Hava-Chons

The Havachon is a mixed breed that results from crossing a Bichon Frise and the Cuban Havanese. Very loyal dogs, the Havachon is also loving and playful and is a glutton for attention. Since they can suffer from separation anxiety, they are best suited to someone who works from home, is retired, or can otherwise spend large amounts of time with them.

The Havachon will only need to be brushed approximately once a week and can be brushed with either a pin or a slicker. Their coat can present in one of 7 different colors and can be curly, silky, dense, short, or long.

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Origin of the Hava-Chon

The exact reason the Havachon was bred, but with their faint stubborn streak and their constant alertness, they are able to be trained to be amazing watchdogs while being equally at home as a family companion.

Is a Hava-Chon right for me?

If the Havachon is your breed of choice, you will have a loyal and engaging dog who will love to simply be around you. You will never be short of a companion for adventure, as the Havachon is always ready to tag along wherever you are going.

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