Type: Designer
Grooming: High Maintenance
Height: 15-25 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 40-80 lbs
Lifespan: 8-15 years
One Word: Sassy
High Maintenance/5

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About Husky-Shelties

The Husky-Sheltie is a very highly intelligent mixed breed that must be engaged and occupied to stave off behavior problems. They will have significant prey and herding drives from the parents, but it can be a coin flip of the genes to decide which aspect will present. They often retain the “sassiness” and vocal nature of the Husky. They will become incredibly loyal to you and your family and will require a lot of dedicated activity and exercise.

The long double coat must be brushed daily, or even twice daily during blowing or shedding season. They can take on several different appearances and colors from the parents. Some are shorter have the marbled coloring of the Sheltie, while others can be long and leggy, with the signature inquisitive Husky face.

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Origin of the Husky-Sheltie

Not much is known about the motives for creating a breed from crossing a Husky and a Sheltie. They came about in the late 90s during the designer breed boom.

Is a Husky-Sheltie right for me?

If the Husky-Sheltie is your breed of choice, you will have an incredibly loyal and active companion that isn’t afraid to talk back once in a while.

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