Irish Terrier

Type: Purebred
Grooming: Low Maintenance
Height: 18-20 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 25-27 lbs
Lifespan: 13-15 years
One Word: Courageous
Low Maintenance/5

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About Irish Terriers

Nicknamed as the “daredevil”, Irish Terriers are bold, brave, and assertive. These medium-sized dogs are great hunters and excellent as family companions as well. Irish Terriers are wonderful around both children and adults when they are exposed to socialization at an early age. They are not fond of being alone but they can be aggressive around other dogs or animals. They are active dogs and would love to run around the backyard or be taken out daily for a walk. These dogs are smart but training them can be a challenge, incentives will do the trick for you.
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Origin of the Irish Terrier

The Irish Terrier was developed in Ireland and is one of the oldest terrier breeds. They were bred as hunters and were used as messengers and sentinel dogs during the World War I. It is one of the most popular dog breeds in England in the 1800s and easily became known in America as well around the 1920s. This long-legged terrier breed was called by an old Irish writer as ‘the poor man’s sentinel’, ‘the farmer’s friend’, and ‘the gentleman’s favorite’.

Is a Irish Terrier right for me?

If Irish Terrier is your breed of choice, you just got yourself an affectionate and devoted friend for keeps. They are playful and they love outdoor activities. They are protective and intelligent, easy to groom, and good around children. Aside from being the adorable dog that they are, they are good hunting partners too.

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