Jack Rat Terrier

Type: Designer
Grooming: Low Maintenance
Height: 13-18 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 20-26 lbs
Lifespan: 12-16 years
One Word: Energetic
Low Maintenance/5

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About Jack Rat Terriers

The Jack Rat Terrier is a very intense little firecracker that loves to be the center of everything. They are energetic and loveable and are always on the move. Make sure you are ready to keep them occupied since neglecting the curious and active nature and the endless energy levels will spell behavior issues. With the prey drive of the lineage, this breed will not do well with cats no matter how much socialization they get.

The Jack Rat Terrier does not need lots of grooming, but the double coat will need a twice-weekly meeting with a deshedding brush.

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Origin of the Jack Rat Terrier

The Jack Rat Terrier is a hybrid that became popular in the 90s during the designer boom in the US. Little is known about the motive for creating this breed, but a possible motive may have been to improve the hunting abilities present in both parents through hybrid vigor.

Is a Jack Rat Terrier right for me?

If the Jack Rat Terrier is your breed of choice, you will have an ultra-active companion to match your lifestyle.

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