Type: Purebred
Grooming: High Maintenance
Height: 8-17 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 5-10 lbs
Lifespan: 14-16 years
One Word: Butterfly
High Maintenance/5

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About Papillons

The Papillion is said to be happy, friendly, and very alert. This breed has high energy levels and will thrive with frequent walks and play. He can be independent and is not known to be a breed that enjoys cuddles. He would much prefer going and doing instead of laying around the house. This breed has a compact and elegant build, and is characterized by its large furry ears and long plume like tail that is carries high over its back. Its soft and flowing coat feathers down over its chest and down the backs of its legs. They come in a parti-colored white in addition to another color such as red , fawn, or black.
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Origin of the Papillon

The Papillion originated in the early 1600s as a companion dog of European noble-women. The word Papillon means “Butterfly” which is representative of if the breeds look with its large upright ears. This toy Spaniel was favorite breed in France, Spain, and Italy and often used as currency in trading.

Is a Papillon right for me?

If the Papillion is your breed of choice, you will have a friendly, happy little dog who will love going on walks, playing, and who will thrive on attention and praise.

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