Shih Tzu-Pom

Type: Designer
Grooming: Medium maintenance
Height: 7-12 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 5-16 lbs
Lifespan: 13-15 years
One Word: Fluffy
Medium maintenance/5

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About Shih Tzu-Poms

Shiranians are tiny adorable dogs that are gentle and sweet. Although their personalities may vary depending on what traits they inherent from each of the parent breeds, these dogs are usually playful and energetic. With early training and socialization, they will learn easily. They have soft coats like their parents which can be solid, bi-colored, or tri-colored, and are generally hypoallergenic. They need moderate grooming and some daily exercise to keep them healthy.
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Origin of the Shih Tzu-Pom

The Shih Tzu-Pom, also called the Shiranian, Shi-Pom, and PomTzu, descends from two well-known purebred dogs, the Shih-tzu and Pomeranian. Like most designer dogs, their origin is not known and they are relatively new. The Pomeranian descends from the larger sled dogs, the German Spitz, and came from norther Poland and Germany. Shih-Tzu is a noble lap dog from Tibet and are thought to have developed from the crossbreeding of the Lhaso Apso and the Pekingese.

Is a Shih Tzu-Pom right for me?

If the Shih Tzu-Pom is your breed of choice, expect to have livelier days ahead with these playful little cuties. You will have a new playmate, a companion, and a new family member who will always be excited to be around you.

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