Type: Designer
Grooming: Medium maintenance
Height: 6-14 inches at the shoulder
Weight: 7-15 lbs
Lifespan: 12-15 years
One Word: Feisty
Medium maintenance/5

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About Shorkies

Shorkies are as small and adorable as their parents. They can be fierce like the Yorkie parent and gentle like the Shih-Tzu mom or dad. They are tiny pooches with the big-dog attitude, they don’t realize how small they are. These dogs are alert and have the tendency to bark at anything unfamiliar. They love to be around their humans and are great loyal companions.
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Origin of the Shorkie

The Shorkie is the crossbreed between two very popular breeds — a purebred Shih-Tzu and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier. They were bred mainly as companion dogs that would have a mix of the beautiful looks and lovable personalities of the two well-loved breeds. Shih-Tzu is an ancient breed from centuries ago in Tibet while Yorkshire Terrier originated from Yorkshire, England during the 19th century.

Is a Shorkie right for me?

If the Shorkie is your breed of choice, you got a big dog in a tiny body. They are perfect and convenient pets and companions for most lifestyles. Shorkies will surely make canine parenthood a fun and exciting one.

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