Can I Get a Puppy if I Already Have a Dog?

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Dog owners have a lot to consider when adding a new puppy into their life. A new dog can be a great addition for you, your family members, and your current pets.

If you already have a dog, you likely have ample reasons to want to add a new puppy into your life. Dogs are so fun to raise and great companions to have. Whether you miss the puppy stage, you want your current dog to have a new companion, or you want to have a dog before your current dog passes, there are lots of great reasons to consider adding a puppy into your life. You already know how to raise and pamper a dog, so it’s not a matter of logistics— it’s more likely to be a question of emotion.

When thinking about adopting another dog, it’s normal to have a lot of worries. Will my dog get sad if I get another dog? Can a dog feel replaced? Will my current dog feel jealous? Will my old dog fight with my new puppy? While there is likely going to be an adjustment period, there are a lot of benefits to adding another member to the family.

Make Sure You Have the Right Motivations

There are a lot of good reasons to get a new puppy. You can potentially give both your current dog and your family a new companion, add a little excitement to life, and ease the loss of an elderly dog. With that being said, puppies take a lot of work and time! Be sure to check out our “Should I Get a Puppy?” article to make sure that a puppy is the right age and fit for your current household.

When you are ready to take the puppy journey, Puppies Today is here to help you every step of the way! We have the best health guarantees in the business, work with only the best when it comes to breeders, and have the easiest process out there to get you your perfect puppy!

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Reasons to Not Get a Second Dog

While there are lots of great reasons to want a second dog, there is also a bevy of reasons to hold off. Here are some things to consider:

  • Walks will be a whole new animal. There is nothing quite like the experience of holding two dog leashes and two full poop bags as said dogs try to lunge into traffic to chase a squirrel. Consider, also, a puppy straining on the harness while an older dog takes their sweet time smelling the grass. If you feel like you won’t be able to walk both dogs at the same time and don’t have an exercise alternative, you might want to take a pause.
  • Babies and puppies are great— but not at the same time. Are you expecting? While the idea of a little golden retriever puppy snuggled up with your newborn baby sounds like perfect calendar fodder, the reality is going to be a lot less picturesque. We are talking pooping, peeing, late nights, whining, crying, and constant feeding— and that’s just what to expect from the puppy!
  • A new dog isn’t a replacement for time spent with your current dog. If you travel a lot, work long hours, or are simply considering a new puppy so that you don’t have to exercise your current puppy, a new dog might not be the right fit for you. A great alternative? Doggy daycare! Your dog can romp with the best of them, and the price in comparison will be a lot less in comparison to the expenses of having a new dog.
  • If you’re already on a shoestring budget, a puppy might snap that string (or chew on it!). Let’s face it. There is a toll to pay for how adorable puppies are. Although our Puppies Today pups are backed with the best guarantees in the business, we can also guarantee that they will probably eat something they shouldn’t in puppydom. If you are already spending more than you can afford on one dog, hold off before bringing in a new friend. May we suggest a goldfish?

Great Reasons to Get a Second Dog

  • Your dog might be lonely. Every dog owner knows that dogs wear their emotions on their face. We have seen guilt over peanut butter heists, hesitation when the vacuum comes out, and unadulterated joy when you come in from your long journey of getting the mail from the mailbox without them. One emotion that every dog owner hates to see? Sadness! According to Lizzie Youens, MRCVS, “It is widely accepted that dogs are definitely capable of feeling distress, and this can be caused by being left alone”. Dogs are pack animals that crave companionship. Their domestication means that they can form strong bonds with humans, but that just makes it all the more heartbreaking when your dog watches you from the window as you leave for work. Your pet’s mood might improve if it has a new friend.
  • You can help your dog grieve the loss of another dog. If your dog used to have a furry companion who recently passed, you likely have seen them go through the signs of mourning. They are used to having a companion during walks, mealtimes, and playtimes and are likely feeling the absence. While dogs have emotions, they aren’t quite as complex as human emotions, and your dog can get into the “acceptance” phase a lot more quickly if you welcome a new dog or puppy into the mix. And, it might help you grieve that loss as well. If you love the breed of the dog that passed, consider buying a dog of the same breed from Puppies Today! We work with breeders who follow strict breeder standards to make sure that our puppies have the best of their breeds.
  • You can prepare for the passing of your current dog. If your dog is older, you might want to consider buying a puppy to help yourself and your family prepare for losing your current dog. Ready for something sweet? Your adult dog will actually be a great teacher for your puppy. According to The Honest Kitchen, puppies naturally follow adult dogs and will mimic what their adult companion will do.
  • Your current dog can keep your puppy in line. When you get a new puppy, there might be some clash of behavior at first. Your current dog is the alpha and is used to ruling the roost. When a new puppy comes in, your new dog might rebuke the puppy by growling, barking, or otherwise bothering the puppy. These all help your puppy to realize quickly what behaviors are and aren’t acceptable in your household, saving you a little bit of training.
  • You can double the joy of having one dog. There is nothing quite so sweet as seeing two dogs sniffing, eating, and playing together. When done correctly, a new puppy can add tremendous amounts of joy to the life of the adult dog and your family. As a responsible dog owner, you already know how rewarding it is to give a dog a great life. That feeling doubles when you know that you are giving another dog a lifetime of loving, pampering, and care.

What Are the Most Important Things to Consider When Getting a Second Dog?

When you adopt your puppy, there is a lot to keep in mind. The community at Puppies Today is here to help! Here are the last things to consider when getting a second dog:

  • Costs and Expenses. Getting a second dog can be pricey, especially if you get a dog that ends up with a lot of health ailments or behavioral issues. When you adopt from Puppies Today, you are getting a puppy that was bred with strict standards and has some of the best genetic health guarantees in the business as well as 24/7 lifetime access to our Puppies Today health hotlines.
  • Training. Your new puppy will be like a newborn baby, and you are in charge of establishing routines and training your puppy to be a well-behaved dog. Your Happy Puppy Package includes a lifetime membership to DOGStar Sit and Stay Training program as well as lifetime access to our Puppies Today Training hotlines.
  • Time. Raising a puppy will take a lot of time and effort. Knowing the size, temperament, and disposition of a breed will help you know what to expect as you raise your puppy. When you adopt from Puppies Today, you are getting a puppy that was bred with the best of the breed in mind. Check out our available puppies, read our breed library articles, and sign up for our newsletter to get updates on newly available puppies!

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