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Dog owners have a lot to consider when adding a new puppy into their life. A new dog can be a great addition for you, your family members, and your current pets.

 If you’re asking yourself “Should I get a puppy?”, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to see what you need to know about the time, money, and other factors that you need to consider before buying a puppy.

Check out our expert tips, tricks, and suggestions for the first 24 hours with your new puppy!

We believe that buying a well-raised dog through an ethical puppy store is the best bet for finding your furever friend. See our top reasons why!

Getting a puppy can be exciting and scary. At Puppies Today, we understand the importance of having a great first week with your new puppy.

Getting a new puppy is a special experience. You think about all of the great things that come with having a dog, and you are understandably excited to welcome a new puppy into your home.

The idea of getting a new puppy is very exciting. You imagine welcoming this new dog into your home and all of the good times you are going to have together.
While getting a new puppy can be a great experience, you need to make sure you are financially ready to welcome a dog into your home. Beyond the purchase price for your new dog, there are several expenses that go into raising a puppy and helping it to grow into a healthy adult dog.

Owning a dog can offer so much to individuals and families. While these benefits are attractive, you have to look beyond all of the wonderful things that come with being a dog owner to consider whether dog ownership is right for you.

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