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Potty training can be one of the tougher issues when you get a new puppy. Fortunately, there are reliable methods for potty training a puppy. As long as you start the training from day one and stay consistent, most dogs can be potty trained by the time they are six months old.

Potty Training Tips

The following are tips that can help you have success with potty training a puppy. Remember, each dog learns at his or her own pace, so some puppies will take to potty training much quicker than others.

  • Recognize the signals your dog sends. Your dog will develop behaviors that will indicate that it needs to go outside for a potty break. If you learn these signals, you will have fewer problems when potty training your puppy.
  • Expect accidents early on. No matter how consistent you are, there will be a few incidents while they are learning.
  • Never be harsh with your puppy when there is an accident. Positive reinforcement is more effective than punishment when it comes to potty training a puppy.
  • If the dog does have an accident, show them the area where the mess is and tell the dog “no” in a firm voice. After that, bring the dog to the appropriate bathroom area.
  • Plan for about 3-5 potty breaks every day. Puppies need to relieve themselves more frequently than adult dogs.
  • Take the puppy out for a potty break about 15-20 minutes after any meal or drink.
  • Use praise any time your puppy does go potty in the right place. You can even consider giving the puppy a small treat as a reward.
  • Set up an area for your puppy to stay through most of the day. Baby gates can be used to keep your puppy in a designated area. This will limit the puppy’s access to the rest of the house, and it will make it easier for you to manage potty training.
  • Puppies learn through consistency. Try to maintain the same schedule and always take the puppy to the same potty area when they are training.

A Simple Guide to Potty Training

This guide can teach new puppy owners how to create a plan for potty training a puppy.

  1. Pick an area in the yard where you want the puppy to poop and pee. When the dog is older, you can let it have the freedom to go in other areas of the yard, but it is important to have a designated spot for potty training.
  2. Take your dog out to the spot early in the morning. For potty training, the earlier you take the puppy out the better.
  3. Place the puppy in the designated potty area. Let the dog explore the area and sniff around.
  4. Give the dog praise once it has used the area for its intended purpose. This will communicate to the dog that this is what you want it to do.
  5. Bring the dog inside for its morning feeding.
  6. About 15-20 minutes after the feeding, take the puppy back out to the designated potty area.
  7. Give the puppy time to explore the area again. You could even walk the dog around the area to give it a chance to get comfortable.
  8. At this point, you could start working on teaching the dog to go on command. Pick a command like, “potty time” or “go potty” and point to the area where you want the dog to go. A puppy might not understand right away, but if you are consistent, it will learn the potty command.
  9. Once again, give the dog praise for doing what it is supposed to do.
  10. Wait about two hours and then repeat steps 7-9.

Potty training can be frustrating at times, but it is up to you to teach your puppy the dos and don’ts of living in your house. As long as you have patience and stay consistent with your training practices, it won’t be long before you have a puppy that knows when, where and how you want it to go potty.

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