No Puppy Mill Guarantee

We work hard to keep puppy mills out of our network. When you buy a puppy through Puppies Today, you know that your puppy was bred with ethical breeding standards and raised with love and kindness.

Hobby & Licensed Breeders

Puppies Today works with USDA licensed and professional hobby breeders that follow all state and federal regulations

High Standards

We have a strict policy for puppy mills and we set high standards for our breeders.

Strict Screening

We apply a strict screening process and we accept only the best breeders.

Regular Inspections

We monitor breeders closely and make sure every puppy is healthy and properly cared for.

No Puppy Mill Guarantee

At Puppies Today, it is our mission to build a community of responsible dog breeders and dog lovers. We aim to connect ethical breeders with families and individuals throughout the United States and we hold ourselves and our partners to the highest of standards.

To ensure the healthy, happy life of every dog, we do not do business with puppy mills and we have a strict policy for substandard breeding and care practices. Our community achieves this through complete transparency. When you go with Puppies Today, you know where your puppy was raised and get details concerning the breeding conditions and living environment.

What is a Puppy Mill?

While there is no universal definition for puppy mills, it generally comes down to the conditions to which the dogs are subject. At a puppy mill, profits are the highest priority, and this comes at the expense of the dogs and the puppies.

Puppy mills are often operations that produce puppies almost like a factory. The animals don’t have adequate space, they are fed low-quality food, they don’t get the exercise they need and they often do not get the veterinary care they require.

Not only are these practices inhumane and unethical, but they also set the animals up to have a lifetime of problems. They might have health issues from a lack of care and they could experience behavioral issues due to a lack of socialization.

To ensure all of our furry friends and raised properly, Puppies Today only works with USDA licensed breeders and professional hobby breeders.

USDA Licensed Breeders and Hobby Breeders

Breeders have to meet strict standards to receive a USDA license. These standards include things like proper nutrition, access to clean water, appropriate shelter, sanitation, protection against the weather, healthcare and exercise/fulfillment. USDA-licensed breeders have to undergo an inspection to ensure they can meet the standards before they are licensed and they have to agree to random, unannounced inspections while they are in operation.

A hobby breeder is a smaller operation and most of these outfits are run by a person who has an interest in a particular breed. They generally have just a few mother dogs, and hobby breeders will produce just a few litters per year. Hobby breeders are usually very knowledgeable about the breed they focus on, and due to the low output, they put a lot of their personal time and care into breeding and raising puppies that are happy and healthy. Hobby breeders may or may not need a license depending on location and the exact breeding/distribution activities they engage in.

USDA licensing applies some of the strictest regulation to breeders in the United States. As such, we believe it is one of the best indicators of ethical breeding and care for puppies. In addition to USDA licensing and only working with reputable hobby breeders, we set additional standards for any operation that wants to be a part of our network.

Setting Standards

Puppies Today is dedicated to the fight against puppy mills. To do our part, we set rigorous standards for every breeder that wants to be a part of our network. The following are some of the standards we set to make sure breeders operate ethically and in the best interest of the puppies and dogs in their care:

A Healthy Diet

A good breeder will go to great lengths to make sure puppies and dogs have a healthy diet. They will research the nutritional needs of different breeds and the dietary requirements for different stages of development.

Proper Living Conditions

Dogs and puppies need a healthy environment in which to live. This includes a living environment that is clean, well-maintained and offers enough space.

Veterinary Care

Breeders must provide adequate veterinary care for the puppies and adult dogs. They should have regular checkups from a vet and receive treatment for any health issues they may have.


Puppies and dogs need exercise to stay healthy. Breeders should provide all dogs with plenty of time to run, play and exercise.


Socialization is important for raising dogs that are happy and emotionally healthy. Breeders need to give puppies time to interact with other dogs and they need to take steps to help the puppies get used to being around humans.

Puppies Today Promises to Not do Business With Puppy Mills

You can buy with confidence knowing that we take strict measures to exclude puppy mills from our network.

  • USDA Licensing: We require our commercial breeders to be licensed. Puppies come from reliable, professional hobby breeders, USDA licensed breeders, and all must be in compliance with state and federal laws.
  • Strict Screening: We are dedicated to providing the best life possible for dogs and puppies. Going beyond USDA regulations, we apply a strict screening process that all breeders must pass.
  • Regular Inspections: Breeders agree to allow regular inspections when they join our network. We stay in close touch with our breeders and check in regularly to make sure they are adhering to our strict standards.

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