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About The Breed

The French Bulldog is characterized by its traditional bulldog appearance with the addition of large bat-like ears. Like other bulldogs, the Frenchie has a thick muscular body, a large square head, and its short tail. They come in a variety of coat colors including fawn, cream, brindle. They can have markings such as specks or streaks.
The Frenchie is a very sweet and social dog. They thrived on attention and do quite well with children and the elderly. They quite playful and easy to train. The French Bulldog will love going out on a short walk or hanging around with you at a sidewalk café. This breed does not need much room and is well suited to apartment life.

The origin of the French Bulldog starts in Paris. It was a spunky and popular breed of dog, often being associated with French café life during the 1800s. However, the forbearers of this breed are said to be bulldogs from England which traveled to France with their owners during the early days of the Industrial Revolution.
Right Choice?
If the French Bulldog is your breed of choice, you will have an energetic and spunky little friend who will love to join you at the local café, or lounge around with you after a busy day at the office.
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Companion dog
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Low maintenance
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Adult Height:
11-13 inches at shoulder

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Adult Weight:
10-18 lbs

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10-12 years

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