Labrador Retriever


About The Breed

The Labrador Retriever is Americas most popular dog breed, and rightfully so. Their sweet nature and eagerness to please make them easy to train. Labs are very social dogs and they desire and thrive most when they are at the side of their human family. They are always up for a game of fetch.
The Labrador is characterized by their wide head, droopy ears, kind eyes, and a thick wagging tail. The Lab is often known for its Chocolate, Black, and Golden colorations. This breed is said to be one of the easiest breeds to care for.

The Labrador Retriever originated in Newfoundland in Canada. The dog was bred to be a fisherman’s companion with the ability to retrieve escaped fish and assist the fisherman with various other daily tasks.
Right Choice?
If your breed of choice is the Labrador Retriever, you will have a wonderful family dog. They are energetic, playful, sweet, and loyal. No matter where the road takes you in life, your faithful Labrador Retriever will travel that road at your side.
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Sporting dog
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Low maintenance
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Adult Height:
21-24 inches at shoulder

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Adult Weight:
55-80 lbs

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11-14 years

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