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Oh, puppies. Can anything be cuter? Those tiny tails. The little paws. The wet noses. If you’re asking yourself “Should I get a puppy?”, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to see what you need to know about the time, money, and other factors that you need to consider before buying a puppy.

Are You Prepared For Your Puppy to Become a Dog?

While your puppy is cute and tiny, it won’t stay that way forever! Remember that the little bundle of joy will grow up to be an adult-sized dog with adult-sized needs. One of the best things about getting your dog from Puppies Today is that our breeders follow strict breeder standards. That means that you can have a pretty good guess about the size and needs of your puppy before they turn into an adult dog. Talk to one of our Puppies Today Ambassadors or our breed library to find out what type of dog might be best for your long-term goals.

Do You Have the Money to Raise a Puppy?

Take stock of your financial situation, factor in the costs of getting a dog, and then factor in the unexpected. Getting a dog means medical bills, food, pet deposits on leases, and potentially things like dog walkers or doggy daycare. Puppies are sweet, but they are also completely unpredictable and can sometimes find themselves in a pickle— for example, having eaten a sock that you didn’t even know was there from underneath your couch. These bills can add up, and the bills can especially be hefty if you have an unhealthy dog. At Puppies Today, we work with breeders who choose parents based on their genetic health and start your puppy off with expert care from the second they are born. In fact, we are so confident in the genetic health of our Puppies Today pups that we can offer 15-day viral, 1-year vet, and 12-year furever health guarantees. On top of that, we give you 24/7 access to a health hotline, meaning that we can help you distinguish what does and does not warrant a visit to the vet, which can save you thousands over the lifetime of your dog.

Does Your Landlord Allow Dogs?

A puppy? So fun. Hiding your puppy from a landlord? Not so fun. Before you even consider looking at a dog, make sure that your lease allows for you to have dogs. If you own your own spot, take a good hard look around. Would you mind if a puppy muddied it up a bit, or potentially damaged something in your house? If you’re still good to go, check out the yard situation.

Where Will Your Puppy Go Potty?

Is there an easy way for your puppy to get outside for frequent (we’re talking once an hour for the first few months of life) potty breaks? Is this outdoor area accessible, or do you have to climb four hundred flights of stairs to get there? If you are far away from the outdoor area, does the idea of them doing their duty on a pee pad or turf gross you out?

Will You Be Able to Exercise Your Puppy?

Do they have access to ample exercise space? Remember, that little tiny ball of fur will grow up to be a dog with some very big needs. Do you have a yard, parks nearby, or access to a dog park? While a golden retriever puppy might be cute and happy now, it won’t stay that way if it doesn’t have a place to retrieve and run free!

Do You Know How to Train A Puppy?

Puppies are adorable, but they are also like human babies: they need a routine, tons of bathroom breaks, and training. Your dog will need to be socialized (and we aren’t talking about bringing it to the brewery), potty-trained, and behavior trained. That can be a lot to take on if you are busy with work or other obligations! At Puppies Today, we believe that a well-trained dog is a dog that you keep. We also know that not everyone knows how to train a puppy! That is why our Happy Puppy Package includes lifetime access to 24/7 training hotlines, AKC and AKC Partners membership that includes a lifetime of resources for your dog, lifetime access to the DOGStar Sit and Stay training program and a constantly updating library of original articles written to help you raise your puppy into a happy dog.

Do You Have the Time for a Puppy?

Training your puppy is just one factor when it comes to considering the amount of time it takes to raise a puppy. Puppies require potty breaks really often (pretty much every hour on the hour for the first few months). They need to be walked and played with often to release their wild bouts of energy. They need to be fed consistently. They can’t be left alone for long periods of time. If you are often out of the house for work or travel, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a puppy! That just means that you may have to consider some alternative ways of getting assistance when they are in their most needy stages. Luckily, a bevy of resources exists to help potential puppy owners (and, busy dog owners) deal with the time commitment of having a dog. Doggy boarding, doggie daycares, and affordable dogwalkers are becoming more and more commonplace.

Do You Have Another Dog?

If you already have a dog, you are familiar with the expenses, time commitment, and responsibilities that come with owning a dog. You might be thinking of adding another dog to the mix to give your current dog a friend, add some more excitement to your life, or help ease the pain of watching your current dog get older. These are all great reasons! There are also some not-so-great reasons as well. If you are thinking of getting a puppy because you don’t have enough time or attention to give to your current dog, you might actually make the situation worse. Check out our article on adding a puppy to the family when you already have a dog.

Do You Know Where to Get Your Puppy?

Should you get your puppy from a shelter, private breeders, or a pet store? If you have researched the different ways to get a puppy, you know they have their own benefits and differences.

  • Shelters can be a great way to give a dog a second chance. Consider adopting from a shelter if you have the time and resources to raise a dog that might have unforeseen health and behavioral issues.
  • Private Dog Breeders give you the health and behavior advantages of getting a dog that was bred, but vetting a dog breeder to make sure they are ethical and following breeder standards can take time and resources that you might not have available.
  • Puppies Today works with USDA licensed breeders that follow strict breeder standards. Our process is fast and simple and we offer payment plans. We offer the best health guarantees in the business and a lifetime of support in the form of expert information, hotlines, membership, and resources. If you are interested in our lifetime access to hotlines, training, and competitive health guarantees, contact us today!

Get Expert Guidance to Choose the Right Puppy for You and Your Lifestyle.

At Puppies Today, we love puppies. We also love when a puppy is placed correctly and ends up in their furever home. Anyone can adopt a puppy, but adopting the right puppy is the most important part of the process. So many owners get a small dog when they should have gotten a big one, or choose a dog based on looks over personality. Talk to an expert today to see about getting the dog that is perfect for you!

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