Why You Should Get Your Puppy from a Puppy Store, Not a Private Breeder

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Should I buy my dog from a shelter, a breeder, or a puppy store?

Buying a dog from a breeder can be a hot topic. While it is untrue that breeding is a contributing factor to the overpopulation of homeless dogs, there are certain factors to look out for to make sure that you are buying from a responsible breeder. At Puppies Today, we want to make sure that good dogs end up in good homes. That is the Puppies Today Promise, and you can rest assured that you can have all the benefits of buying from a breeder, without having to go through an extensive vetting process to make sure that the breeder is ethical and responsible. 

One of the biggest things to remember when you are choosing your dog: you are the one responsible for its health and happiness, and so you shouldn’t feel pressured by the opinions of people who will not be in charge of raising your dog. Some pet owners are equipped to handle the unique financial, emotional, and social needs of a shelter dog, but not all pet owners. Our goal at Puppies Today is to make sure that our puppies have a forever home, and we believe that the pros of buying a dog from a breeder help our dogs stay with their forever families.

Top 7 Reasons to Buy from an Ethical Puppy Store

We Ensure That Your Puppy Has Been Pampered From the Start

When you buy a Puppies Today puppy, you will know that your puppy has been taken care of from the start. We work with USDA-certified breeders to make sure that our puppies were raised with love, care, and attention. That means that they have had socialization with other dogs and humans, regular veterinarian checks, healthy food, lots of play, and lots of exercises. Puppies Today’s strict vetting process means that you never have to worry about the background of your puppy. When meeting with a private breeder, you often are not allowed to see the living conditions of the puppies. We vet living conditions and licensure to make sure that your puppy has been raised with a lifetime of lovin’. 

We Investigate the Breeders for You

Anyone can put a male and female dog together to breed puppies. The difference of working with Puppies Today’s ethical breeders is knowing the lineage and health history of your puppy’s parents and grandparents. The breeders that we work with truly love the breed and work extensively to make sure that the dogs and puppies in their care are happy and healthy. Some breeders are in the business solely to make a profit and don’t care about the health or wellness of the breed. We don’t work with those breeders! In fact, we are so certain that our puppies are ethically bred that Puppies Today offers the best health guarantees in the business.

Our Stores Operate under Strict Licensing and Selling Regulations

We have heard some very scary stories from some of our Puppies Today pet owners! When you buy from a private breeder, you are gambling with a lot of different possibilities. The breeder might not have ethically bred the dog, they might be lying about the lineage, or the puppies might have been taken away from their mother too early. You also have to arrange the logistics of meeting with a private breeder. When you buy from an ethical puppy store like Puppies Today, you are working with a business that operates under strict local, state, and federal licensing standards and regulations. We make the process easy so that you can avoid the hassle of finding, vetting, and meeting a private breeder.  

We Offer Support and Resources That Private Breeders Cannot

Another downside of buying directly from a breeder? Typically, your relationship with the breeder is over once you buy your puppy. At Puppies Today, we offer a lifetime of support. We love our puppies, and we want to be there for them through every stage of their life. We offer competitive health guarantees, lifetime access to training and health hotlines, complimentary registration with AKC and AKC partners, microchipping, training libraries, resources, and more. That means that from puppydom to adulthood you can call us and ask a question about your pet. Our relationship with our breeders and our years of experience all work together to help give you a network of experts and a lifetime of support for your new pet that a private breeder simply cannot. 

We Can Help You Choose the Right Dog For Your

Even if you haven’t landed on size or breed, you likely know the temperament of the puppy you are wanting. We don’t broker our puppies, which means that we know their personalities, temperament, and disposition. You can call one of our expert Puppy Ambassadors and discuss your wants, and we can pair you with a puppy that we think is absolutely perfect for you. We have had customers come into the store with their hearts set on one dog, and walk away with a completely different puppy. When buying from a private breeder, you might feel obligated to go against your instincts and buy a dog that isn’t right for you- especially if you have driven hundreds of miles to meet with the breeder! We have a variety of types of dogs and experts to help you make sure that you are buying the right pup for you. 

When You Know about the Genetic Bloodline and Background, There Are No Surprises.

At Puppies Today, we love and support shelters. We give charitable donations and food donations to the shelters in our local communities because we support their mission so much. One of the biggest things that contribute to the 20% of dogs that are returned to shelters within a year? Surprises. Shelter dogs can have unexpected health or behavioral issues that require major love, time, and money from their owner. This is not to dissuade you from adopting a shelter dog, but it is something to consider when looking at the scope of what it takes to raise a dog. When you buy from a private breeder, there are no guarantees that the breeder standard was actually followed.  If you would like a puppy that has a predictable temperament, size, and disposition, a bred dog from an ethical pet store that ensures that breeders are following breeder standards is your best bet. 

Your puppy will have the best of the breed

Reputable breeders follow something called a breed standard— and it isn’t just for looks. A breed standard describes the ideal temperamental and physical characteristics of the breed. These standards cover thing big things (like size) down to the tiniest of details (like eye shape). Not only that— breed standards mean that your dog will show all the best characteristics that their breed is known for. Heelers will herd, retrievers will retrieve, and chihuahuas will be the most fiercely loyal little friend you can ask for. A purebred dog (or a mix of two strong bloodlines of different breeds) will be able to stick to its genetic roots of what the breed was meant to do. And, don’t believe the rumors that purebred dogs are more prone to illness. In fact, a benefit of knowing about your breed means that you can take preventative steps early, a measure that is not available if you aren’t sure about your dog’s origins. We make sure that the breeders that we work with are all educated and responsible breeders that are following the breeder standards and using happy dogs to do so. As a buyer, you need experts like the Puppy Store to be your advocate in making sure your puppy has the best of the breed. 

Check Out Our Puppies Today!

We believe that buying a well-raised dog through an ethical puppy store is the best bet for finding your furever friend. Here’s our list of ten reasons why you should buy from The Puppies Today Puppy Store! Check out our breed library, available puppies, or call a puppy ambassador to get started finding your newest furry family member! 

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